Retaining Walls And Wall Seating

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Multifunctional Walls

Hardscaping That Stops Soil Erosion and Serves Other Purposes

Retaining walls are used to convert slopes to one or more flat areas. These flat areas can then be used as additional planting space. Retaining walls are also helpful in preventing soil erosion. There are three types of retaining walls. Sheer Piling Retaining Walls are driven into the ground. These only work when the soil is soft. Cantilevered Retaining walls are ‘L’ shaped with the bottom part of the L being a slab that is held down by the weight of the soil above it. Gravity Retaining Walls use the weight of the wall itself to hold the back the soil behind it. All of the above walls can be additionally strengthened using anchors that can be driven into the earth behind the wall.

Wall seating can be built either as part of retaining walls or free standing, usually as part of a patio. Adding fire pits or other fire or water features is also common.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facts About Retaining Wall and Wall Seating

Do I need a permit to build a retaining wall?
It depends on your local building codes. As a part of the work our team will make sure that all applicable codes and permit requirements are met.

Is a retaining wall expensive?
The cost of building a retaining wall varies depending on the size and materials used.

What’s the lifespan of a retaining wall?
Retaining walls can last for many years if built correctly and maintained regularly.

Should I add a fence on the top of my retaining wall?
If the wall is tall, it is usually advisable to install a fence above the retaining wall

Will water from pooling behind the wall a concern?
Adequate drainage is added behind the wall to prevent water from pooling.

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